ID Card Portrait 8
ID Card Portrait 8

ID Card Portrait 8

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Create stylish ID cards for sophisticated individuals.
  • Round Corners of 3 mm radius
  • Printed on PVC 0.8 mm thickness card
  • Free ID Card Holders with every ID Cards

PVC cards are generally considered the best solution for producing ID cards because it’s durable and flexible. 

You’ll find it easy to print all the text, photographs, and graphics you need to keep your business secure. We’ve even made it possible to add holographic imprints and watermarks, two features that make your ID badges all but impossible to fake.  

Not only does using PVC mean your badges harder to reproduce, but it also projects a professional image of your company. They’re quick to print with flawless accuracy, and you never have to worry about smudging or bleeding.

To a visitor, this seamless experience makes an exceptional first impression. so a smooth printing experience for guests and employees alike can make a world of difference. 

Best of all, it promises significant cost savings. Once you add a PVC ID to your business, you’ll have a trusted identification system in use that reduces your need for security personnel and lowers your legal liability. 


  • MembershipsIdeal for any type of Health Club, Sports Clubs, Gyms, Associations and anyone needing to create top quality ID Badges for their members and visitors. It helps with secure database to help with member administration, expiry date and renewals.
  • Healthcare : Ideal for any type of clinics, hospitals and any medical roles. Easily verify employee identity with clearly printed, role-specific ID cards. Increases safety of patients and efficiency of care provision by highlighting medical needs or pertinent information on patient ID cards.
  • EducationIdeal for any schools, colleges, university or any education sector.
    Colour-code your ID cards for different categories of internal associate, staff and students from different departments. 
  • EmployeeIdeal for any Office, Corporates, Companies or any organisation.
    For improved security within your offices and easy identification of employee and visitors to your company. Enhanced your corporate identity with ID Cards that display your logo and branding.
  • Events : Ideal for any events, wedding, venues, hotels or any organisation. 
    Enables all delegates to be easily identified and promote your event with corporate ID Cards, Keep entry secure with scanable security codes on all cards to access the main entrance or specific area of the building.


Order ID Cards in Bulk Quantity and contact our customer care to divide your order quantity for multiple people with respective name, contact info and specific quantity. We can also pack separately and Deliver to multiple locations.


Hire Infinity Prints expert graphic designers to design your print order from scratch just the way you like it and matching to your Business.


CR80 is the standard and most popular choice with 0.8 mm thickness id card. It is also the same size of a standard credit card. 
  • 86 x 54 mm
  • 1051 x 673 pixels
  • you may or may not be able to print to the very edge of the card. 
    Direct-to-card ID card printers leave a small hairline unprinted border around the perimeter of the card. however, you can print over the edge of the card with no issues in most cases.


If you are an employee of any Govt. department / Navratna company / Sensex listed company / Embassy / School / Board / University / Institute / Hospital / Press / TV or Media / Newspaper, an e-authorisation letter from your official Email ID or a prescribed letterhead with a seal on the name of XXXXX is mandatory, to prevent any misuse of ID cards.