VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp
VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp

VERIFIED Pre Inked Stamp

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Custom Pre-Inking stamp for all your business needs.

Save time during your busy day with custom stamps from Infinity Prints. Our design process makes it easy to create the exact business message you want. Whether you’re paying bills, signing contracts or marking invoices, there’s a personalised rubber stamp, available in round or rectangle shape, for every need.

Trodat Royal Mark 2.0 Pre-Inked Stamps 

Designed in Austria, Made in India! 

Trodat Developed Royal 2.0 to give customers more choice when it comes to offering the right Pre-Inked Flash stamps fitting their personal needs and preference. This new Model comes along with a new developed flash form in 7 mm thickness. 


Trodat's newly developed 7 mm foam ensures top quality impressions as well as fast ink migration time. It offers the right Pre Inked flash Stamps fitting your Personal and Business needs or Preferences.


Crystal clear index window - easy to take off and put on Protecting your title message from dirt.


Hidden height adjustment for perfect text plate alignment, also preventing you from adjusting by mistake.


Trodat stands for high quality standards using good quality plastic materials for a slick finishing. The result is a long lasting product with a premium look and feel.


Symmetrical Dustcover with recessed grips on the side for convenient opening and closing.


Ergonomic Handle with grip on the side for precise operation and comfort to use.


Full Bleed Size :

  • 63 x 23 mm
  • 744 x 272 pixels
  • The very edges of the document are called the bleed area. To prevent an unwanted white border from showing at the edge of your document, be sure to extend any background colours or design elements all the way to the edge.

Safety Margin ( Green Line ) :

  • 59 x 19 mm
  • 697 x 224 pixels
  • Anything outside of the line may be trimmed off during the printing process, so double-check that all the important information is within the safety zone.
  • The safe margins are borders that are definitely inside the place where the cut will take place. Please remember to keep all important information, like names, addresses, phone numbers or logos within the safe margin (at least 4mm from the edge) to ensure that they aren’t cut off when your document is trimmed.