Benefits of ID Cards

ID cards have become a crucial part of the business world, making it possible to simultaneously simplify employee and visitor identification and enhance a company's integrity and security. 

ID cards are already a standard part of our lives and they bring a number of benefits to businesses, school, organisation and their customers alike.

ID cards typically include an employee's name, photo, job title and department, making quick personal identification a snap

Here are 6 reasons why ID cards are essential for any business. We’ll focus on practical advantages any business can benefit from and a few examples of proper implementation as well.


How do your customers know that the person selling something to them is really an employee of the company?

A company issued identity card provides that proof, and it builds trust between customer and supplier.

Professional photo IDs are essential to service providers who want to prove that they are legitimate service providers representing the firm.


Whether you're running a business or presiding over a school, knowing who's coming and going is critical. Being able to track who's on campus or on the premises means you can keep important records containing valuable data, such as entry and exit times.

Additionally, the mere presence of a badge or ID card, means you can easily identify people who aren't employees, students, or approved visitors minimising the risk of impersonation and theft. Those who take part in activities on your premises will also feel safer.


Many schools are adopting policies which require ID cards to be worn on printed lanyards or badges, in full view at all time.

Campuses are fast-paced and high-traffic environments. It’s not possible to physically assess every single person who walks through the doors.

Such policies which require ID cards to be physically worn increase the ability of security personnel to conduct visual security more quickly.

On large campuses, this makes it easier for surveillance to spot visitors or people who don’t belong.


It's nice to go to work in an office where everybody knows your name -- even if it's just because they're reading it off your ID.

Badges give your employees a sense of identity within your company. It can feel good to have your name and hard-earned title on display for all your coworkers to see.

Giving your employees this boost of confidence will make them feel better about themselves and the company they work for. It could even incentivise them to work harder.

Happy employees are usually willing to go that extra step. They're ready to go that extra mile to make sure they complete their assignments to the best of their abilities.

And your employees can get that extra push they need with an ID badge.


Employee IDs are meant to be visible and displayed throughout the duration of the workday. Which means your employees will be wearing your company's logo all day.

This provides you a cheap and easy opportunity to add to and promote your company's brand.

Any meetings your employees attend present excellent opportunities to promote your company. Provided everyone remembered to wear their ID badge.


Employee IDs are not just useful business tools. They can make your entire company look good.

By giving all your employees IDs with their names, positions, and your logo on them, you can add an extra air of professionalism to your company.

This, in turn, will make your company more enticing to prospective clients or customers. It could even act as a swaying factor in convincing a former or current customer to return and continue to do business with your company.

Now that you know why your company should begin using employee IDs, how are you going to go about actually getting them?

You could always order some from a pricey firm and have to wait several weeks to actually get your IDs. Or, you could take full control over your company's IDs and make your own.


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