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Pre-Inked Stamps

A Pre-Inked stamp does not use a rubber die.

It has newly developed 7mm flash foam to print your personalised information on the stamps.

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This method allows for ink droplets to seep through the impression area only creating very sharp, crisp detailed impressions every time usually recommended for stamps with Logo.

Pre-Inked stamps foams are soaked in oil based ink eliminating the flipping motion of the stamp between impressions like a self inking stamps. 

Pre-Inked Stamps are longest lasting stamps with more than 50,000+ high quality impressions. 

Saving time during your busy day with custom pre-inked stamps from Infinity Prints. Our design process makes it easy to create the exact business message you want.

Whether you’re paying bills, signing contracts or marking invoices, there’s a personalised rubber stamp, available in round or rectangle shape, for every need.


Infinity Prints give our customers more choice when it comes to offering the right Pre-Inked Flash stamps fitting your needs. 

Easily customise pre-designed stamp templates using our design editor or get in touch with our award winning customer care to help you with a right stamps.

Order Pre-Inked Stamps at Low Price with Free Delivery in India and worldwide shipping across +210 countries.

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