Where Can Letterheads Be Used?

A letterhead is a heading at the top of a sheet of paper: it indicates the company or document name. It displays the company’s professionalism on correspondence. Some businesses use personalised letterheads. Letterheads have several uses.

Letterheads are however not limited to only businesses there are a variety of methods to make use of letter heads whether you are a individual or a much smaller company.

Letterheads are important because of their wide range of uses. As they have been around for a long time now, they are used as a means to communicate in the business world. The following are some of the documents that use letterheads:

  • Notices to the public or to certain individuals and groups
  • Considered as Legal Document
  • Invoices and letters to your customers
  • Job letters to aspiring employees
  • Tenders

Letterheads are also used in documents inside your businesses. They are used for the following:

  • Cover letters for your company’s proposals and presentations
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Internal communication between departments

More importantly, letters are used to communicate to authorities and other institutions of note, such as banks and local, state, and federal government agencies. These institutions rely on your document’s credibility, which is communicated best through your letterheads.

Lastly, letterheads can also be used for your business’s website. Especially nowadays, the best and fastest way to communicate anything is through online communication. A business website with a good letterhead instantly attracts your customers online.


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