What is the Print Size of Flyers?

Flyers can be printed in 3 standard print sizes - A4, A5 & A6. It can also be customised to any size dimension as per your preferences.

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Full Bleed Size

Document Trim Size

Safety Margin


213 x 300 mm

2516 x 3543 pixels

210 x 297 mm

2480 x 3508 pixels

207 x 294 mm

2444 x 3473 pixels


151 x 213 mm

1784 x 2516 pixels

148 x 210 mm

1748 x 2480 pixels

145 x 207 mm

1713 x 2445 pixels


108 x 151 mm

1276 x 1784 pixels

105 x 148 mm

1240 x 1748 pixels

102 x 145 mm

1205 x 1713 pixels


Full Bleed Size

The very edges of the document are called the bleed area. To prevent an unwanted white border from showing at the edge of your document, be sure to extend any background colours or design elements all the way to the edge.

Document Trim Size ( Red Dotted Line )

Trim lines are the finished size of the document. The document is cut close to the trim line, but because of the mechanical tolerances involved in printing, the actual cut can happen anywhere between the bleeds and the safe margin. This is why it is important to keep your text and important images within the safe margin.

Safety Margin ( Green Line )

Anything outside of the line may be trimmed off during the printing process, so double-check that all the important information is within the safety zone.

The safe margins are borders that are definitely inside the place where the cut will take place. Please remember to keep all important information, like names, addresses, phone numbers or logos within the safe margin (at least .137” from the edge) to ensure that they aren’t cut off when your document is trimmed.


Download our Flyers Template to match the accurate dimensions of the Flyer and help you design to perfection.

This Download Includes in multiple formats such as .png .jpg .pdf .psd .pxd .svg .docx .pages

Download Flyer Template >>


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